About Us

The teeming millions of the earth. Their poverty and sickness. Crisis situations and natural disasters. When confronted by the enormity of the need in this world, many of us feel overwhelmed—and we find it easier to end up doing nothing. However, at International Service Partners, we have come to believe that we CAN change the world . . . one life at a time.

International Service Partners (ISP) was started in 1998 by people who not only believed that lives could be changed, but who desired to be a part of that change by personally serving those in need. That philosophy is still the guiding force behind ISP today. The ISP staff is made up entirely of volunteers who serve at different projects worldwide. Over the years, these volunteers have set up projects as diverse as a skills apprenticeship program, medical supplies donations, English teaching, and an airport snow-clearance project. Through these projects, some of them long-term and some of them short-term, hundreds of lives in multiple countries have been changed . . . one life at a time.

What We Do:
We are a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian agency which
has operated numerous human aid projects worldwide.

  • Work Skills Training
  • Micro-Business Startups
  • Medical Supplies Donations
  • English and Computer Skills Training
  • Housing and Community Development
  • and more . . .